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Company mission
Create a better life for mankind
We always insist on improving product quality and service through technological innovation, and contribute to humanity, improve the quality of human life, and promote human life more comfortable, easier and better.
We strive to practice the belief of “creating value for customers, creating opportunities for employees, creating profits for shareholders, and creating wealth for the society”, and we are striving for it, creating a harmonious living space and realizing great ideals.
Core value
People-oriented: Everyone is a talent; respect ability, provide opportunities; reward and contribution match; lifelong learning, continuous improvement.
Rational pursuit: I would rather take two steps one step further, not half a step; pursue sustainable development; solve problems in development.
Change and innovation: courage to self-denial, self-motivation; courage to try, continuous improvement; the pursuit of excellence, not ordinary.
Authorized operation: Highly unified responsibility and responsibility; full authorization, strict supervision; decentralization at all levels, results-oriented.
Collaborative sharing: mutual trust, take the initiative to take responsibility; communication and cooperation, complementary synergy; value is respect, benefit sharing.
Business guidelines
Basic principles: centralized power, decentralization, authority, and power
Development concept: harmonious development, scientific development, effective development, coordinated development
Decision-making principles: respect for facts and figures, from the innocent, democratic decision-making, authority management
Mechanism construction: target responsibility system, interest traction, rolling assessment, stimulating vitality; using mechanisms to identify talents and develop talents
Human resources guidelines
Basic criteria: Human capital is the first capital of the United States; treat employees fairly, fairly, and openly; not commit to lifelong employment, and develop the ability of employees to work for life.
Talent use: the length of the employer, not harsh and blame, tolerate mistakes caused by innovation.
Talent promotion: recognition of the culture of beauty; due diligence, dedication and dedication; matching positions and abilities, actively fulfilling performance; innovative spirit, pursuit of excellence

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